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Admission Essay on Goal Achieving

Introduction Each person has their own set goals that they want to achieve. However this depends on the kind of career they choose to pursue. Furthermore there are factors which determine whether a person will achieve or not excluding luck in this context. The personal, educational as well as professional backgrounds determine whether a person will achieve or not. For instance what is the secret in achieving set goals in the field of medicine, pharmacy to be precise? Success is partly influenced by an individual personal background. This is in terms of how they were brought up. An individual who was taught to be determined will surely achieve his or her goals. In order to achieve a person requires a positive attitude towards challenges which might come forth. Education is viewed as the key to success. One has to have knowledge in order to pursue. The information gotten from education is important in that it equips you with tactics and ways of achieving. Pharmacy as a career requires a person of high knowledge as it is somewhat complex. With proper education, one can achieve this. At times some experience is required in pursuit of certain types of careers like pharmacy. This equips one with knowledge as well as a head start on what to expect in such a career. Gaining experience as a pharmacy technician is to the advantage of a person pursuing pharmacy. It adds up more information on what pharmacy as a career is all about. Therefore it paves way to achieving ones goals. Conclusion All the three factors that is personal, educational and professional backgrounds play a part in determining whether a person will achieve set goals or not. They therefore should not be overlooked as they are solely the backbone of ones success.

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Dark Romanticism As A Literary Genre Essay - 2034 Words

Dark romanticism originated from the despairing nature from the sub genre s literature and the impact from earlier romantic literature. Furthermore, even though it represented the opposite of philosophical belief, dark romanticism is a literary sub genre that was developed in the mid-nineteenth century during the transcendental philosophical movement. Because dark romanticism derived in this fashion and began in the fascinating time period of 1840-1860, it produced some of the most recognized writers and greatest pieces of American literature, and it will go down as one of the greatest eras of all time. (Dark romanticism. November 01, 2016) Romanticism is a movement that was generally a reaction against rationalism of the enlightenment, it also indicated imagination and strong emotion. It placed much emphasis on emotions such as terror, trepidation, and the sublimity of nature. Romanticism goes back to the definite groups of artists, poets, writers, musicians, political, philosophical and social thinkers in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries in Europe. Romantics also exposed elements of knowledge through intuition.(Romanticism. Retrieved November 17, 2016) Transcendentalism was a philosophical and social movement that came about around 1836. Although it was just a simple idea, it goes beyond people s senses. Transcendentalists were those who accepted the ideas that people had, not as religious beliefs but in a way of people understanding life relationships.Show MoreRelatedRomanticism s Impact On America Essay1374 Words   |  6 Pagesperiod of Romanticism, occurring between the years 1800 and 1860, left a significant impact on not only the literature of that time, but the literature of today as well. Prior to romantic writings, the world focused on society and logic. Romanticism allowed people to start valuing individualism and to appeal to emotional responses. This new way of thinking brought new literary styles, themes, and genres that were never explored before and are still found today. The literature of Romanticism allowedRead MoreRomanticism s Impact On America Essay1376 Words   |  6 Pagesperiod of Romanticism, occurring bet ween the years 1800 and 1860, left a significant impact on not only the literature of that time, but the literature of today as well. Prior to romantic writings, the world focused on society and logic. Romanticism allowed people to start valuing individualism and to appeal to emotional responses. This new way of thinking brought new literary styles, themes, and genres that were never explored before and are still found today. The literature of Romanticism allowedRead MoreThe New American Literature : The Period Of Romanticism Essay1265 Words   |  6 Pagesperiod of Romanticism, occurring between the years 1800 and 1860, left a significant impact on not only the literature of that time, but the literature of today as well. Prior to romantic writings, the world focused on society and logic. Romanticism allowed people to start valuing individualism and to appeal to emotional responses. This new way of thinking brought new literary styles, themes, and genres that were never explored b efore and are still found today. The literature of Romanticism allowedRead MoreThere have been many movements in Romantic Literature, Romanticism being one. Despite the idea that600 Words   |  3 Pageshave been many movements in Romantic Literature, Romanticism being one. Despite the idea that romanticism is an outdated literary form, romantic literature is very important to English Literature; no other period in English Literature shows the type of style, theme, or contain information like how the Romantic movement was. Romanticism was virtually around in every country of the US, Europe, Latin America and it lasted from 1750-1870. Romanticism gave a rise to a new type of literature it was anRead MoreDark Romanticism By Edgar Allen Poe1625 Words   |  7 PagesOne of the biggest literary of all times was known as dark romanticism. This kind of literature comes from the darkness inside of a person. Many people who like this style are know to be obsessed with gothic nature. Dark R omanticism is also know to come from darkness in the human soul, original sin, and a dark outlook on society. Dark Romanticism is the complete opposite of romanticism. According to what is dark romanticism â€Å" Dark Romanticism is. A sort of genre threat combines traditional love objectsRead MoreEssay on Romantic Poetry1126 Words   |  5 Pagescorrect way use them to describe how Abraham Lincoln dealt with scoundrels. Poetry is beautiful. One of the best genres in poetry, let alone a great literary movement is Romanticism or the post-enlightenment Romantics. Romanticism was a philosophical and literary movement in the middle to late seventeen hundreds. It surfaced as a reaction to the Enlightenment Ideas of the day, Romanticism favors more emotional and passionate objects, whereas the Enlightenment thinkers were focused on science, andRead MoreRomanticism In Fredrick Douglass1385 Words   |  6 PagesCritics struggle to fit Douglass’s narrative into a literary genre, some believe it fits within the realm of Romanticism while others argue his narrative belongs under Realism. In nineteen century America, the African American voice was missing from literature. Slave narratives were not taken seriously and most slaves were not taught how to read or write. Douglass’s was a self-taught slave his narrative was a game changer Douglass was considered an intellectual and respected by most as a reputableRead MoreAnalysis Of Edgar Allan Poe s The Raven And The Fall Of The House Of Usher 896 Words   |  4 Pagesand â€Å"The Fall of the House of Usher.† Poe was born in 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts in an era that seems to have many dark and ominous writers and pieces of literature originating from that time period. Poe is said to have launched the interest in many of the detective type stories that we read from modern day writers. â€Å"In the early 1800s, romanticism was the dominant literary mode in Europe and influenced all major forms of American literature until around 1870 (Gandlgruber 1).† Edgar Allan Poe’sRead MoreDark Romanticism1392 Words   |  6 Pages4. Define â€Å"Dark Romanticism† as you understand it by discussing two works by different authors. Account for the rise of this kind of writing in America and evaluate its appeal and significance then and now. The Dark Side of Romanticism Romantic literary texts focus on the expression of emotion. Authors during the Romantic period developed and integrated the idea of the individual being the main focus in life. Romantic authors focused on the individual being at the center of their own happiness andRead MorePoetry Is Not Just The Vision Of The Writer1036 Words   |  5 Pagesof the writer put to a page, meant to evoke and inspire readers. Poetry is thoughts concealed given breath—a story reflecting the interior landscape of the mind. Just as it can be a breath of air, poetry can grip the heart—the mind can be an awfully dark place. Within gothic poetry the horror and fears of the poet lie just beyond the words of the poem itself. The words are emotional viscera given form. Poetry is aesthetic and inspiring and its brevity extends it to forms beyond itself. The works of

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Electronic Communication by President Abraham Lincoln

What became of our forces which held the bridge till twenty minutes ago†¦? The President of the United States telegraphed a colonel in the field during the Civil War Battle of Second Manassas (Bull Run) in 1862. Abraham Lincoln was using the new medium of electronic communications in an unprecedented manner to revolutionize the nature of national leadership. When Lincoln arrived for his inauguration in 1861 there was not even a telegraph line to the War Department, much less the White House. Storm clouds were brewing, but when the US Army wanted to send a telegram they did like everyone else: sending a clerk with a hand written message to stand in line at Washington’s central telegraph office. That unwieldy situation changed rapidly, however, as wires were strung to the War Department and other key installations. The White House, however, remained without any outside connection. The national leaders were like their constituents in their understanding of electronic communications. While an interesting and growing technology, the telegraph’s potential was still widely underappreciated and it certainly had never been tested in a time of crisis. This reality makes Lincoln’s subsequent embrace of the new technology even more remarkable. Without the guidance of precedent, and in the middle of a battle for the nation’s survival, Abraham Lincoln used the new electronic communications to transform the nature of the presidency. The telegraph became a tool of his leadershipShow MoreRelatedEssay about Freedom917 Words   |  4 PagesFreedom â€Å"Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction.† These are the words of Ronald Reagan, former President of the United States of America, speaking on the topic of freedom, a subject he frequently dealt with during his long presidency. Over the years, freedom in the U.S. has become an increasingly controversial topic, and the effectiveness of the government in affording these freedoms has been called into question. Through certain historical documents and events, the government’sRead MoreUse Of The Telegraph For Military Purposes Impact The Outcome Of The United States Civil War2460 Words   |  10 Pagesparticular importance in answering this question will be Mr. Lincoln s T-Mails: How Abraham Lincoln Used the Telegraph to Win the Civil War and Mr. Lincoln s High-tech War, books about Lincoln’s use of the telegraph for war and his leadership. These two sources are important to the research because they not only discuss how Lincoln used the teleg raph, but also how this demonstrated his leadership. Mr. Lincoln s T-Mails: How Abraham Lincoln Used the Telegraph to Win the Civil War is a book by Tom WheelerRead MoreUse Of The Telegraph For Military Purposes Impact The Outcome Of The United States Civil War Essay2200 Words   |  9 Pagesparticular importance in answering this question will be Mr. Lincoln s T-Mails: How Abraham Lincoln Used the Telegraph to Win the Civil War and Mr. Lincoln s High-tech War, books about Lincoln’s use of the telegraph for war and his leadership. These two sources are important to the research because they not only discuss how Lincoln used the telegraph, but also how this demonstrated his leadership. Mr. Lincoln s T-Mails: How Abraham Lincoln Used the Telegraph to Win the Civil War is a book by Tom WheelerRead MoreTechnological Innovations in Society733 Words   |  3 Pageslight. Technological Innovations The telegraph system was created out of necessity as a way to communicate with others by transmitting messages to people on different coasts using electronic dots and dashes of Morse code. It was named Morse code after an American painter who came up with this method of communication. Messages could only be sent handwritten and carried by horse before the innovation of the telegraph system. Knowing that his invention could allow people to communicate over longRead MoreAnti Transportation Security Agency ( Tsa )1393 Words   |  6 Pagesthe government realizes every person has unalienable rights, but it may choose to only recognize those which it deems fit. In times of war, many rights which we feel are inherent may not be acknowledged. For example during the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus allowing for public dissenters of the war to be arrested and held without formal charges to prevent antiwar sentiment, and more recently the USA PATRIOT (Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing AppropriateRead MoreA Naval Reservist Is Sentenced For Mishandling Classified Military Materials1701 Words   |  7 PagesCalifornia, pleaded guilty to the unauthorized removal and retention of classified materials. Nishimura, deployed in Afghanistan in 2007 and 2008 as a regional engineer, admitted to downloading classified briefings and digital records onto his personal electronic devices. He carried the materials off base and brought them back to the U.S. when his deployment ended. An FBI search of Nishimura s home turned up classified materials, but did not reveal evidence he intended to distribute them. He was sentencedRead MoreGeneral Sherman s Tactics That Ended The Civil War2550 Words   |  11 Pagesfighting. The circumstances that initiated the war created a figurative and literal divide unlike America had ever seen. The American Civil War took heavy tolls on the Union and Confederate States of America. Desperate to end the bloodshed, President Abraham Lincoln trusted Ulysses S. Grant control of the Army and Grant authorized Sherman the freedom to do whatever necessary to bring conclusion to the conflict (Davis 22). In the military mind of Sherman, the end justified the means and this belief isRead MoreAmerican Intelligence After World War II Essay2555 Words   |  11 Pagesindependence goals. In later time, with the experience already learned during his prior training, Washington would able to apply intelligence and deception techniques that helped him reach victory over the enemy. It was until 1789 to 1797 when President George Washington gave entrance to a totally new concept of intelligence. This time, America would go beyond its boundaries creating for the first time foreign intelligence. Intelligence activity continued to play a very important role in the developingRead MoreThe Department Of Veterans Affairs2230 Words   |  9 PagesAdministration Regional Offices (NCVAS, 2014). The VA health care system also includes 126 nursing home care units and 35 domiciliaries (U.S Dept. of VA, 2014). Nonetheless, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs mission statement is, â€Å"To fulfill President Lincoln’s promise ‘To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan’ by serving and honoring the men and women who are America’s veterans† (U.S. Dept. of VA, 2014). The Department of Veterans Affairs core valuesRead MoreLeadership Assignment Essay3139 Words   |  13 Pagesfor the circumstances at right time. The global recession that occurred recently is a good example of economic factor. Let’s study some organizations which lost and those that thrived during global recession in 2008 Circuit City is a major electronics company that started in the middle of nineteenth century headed to great loss due to poor financial management and less demand in the market. It became pauper in the end of the year 2008. Similarly, Sharpar Image, known for selling innovative gifts

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Management and Leadership Airlines

Question: Discuss about the Management and Leadership Airlines. Answer: Introduction: In the assessment, the researcher has chosen Singapore Airlines to conduct the study. This assessment consists of critically analyzing and evaluation of Singapore Airlines Management and Leadership qualities. The topic further illustrates the outcome of Singapore Airlines in the work group and political factors of Singapore Airlines. The aviation industry consist of several crucial factors which consists of overloading, rivalry among low cost carriers, rising oil prices and threat of terrorism impact the airlines industry harmfully. Despite of all this critical factors Singapore Airlines has been able to perform to its potential. The company has a reputation of acquiring huge revenue on annual basis and achieving greater returns as compared to its competitors. Singapore Airlines also achieved several rewards and recognition from the society for its supreme service traits. The efficiency of Singapore Airlines is strictly depended on their management strategy, which consist of differen tiating themselves through service quality and innovation. The leadership style opted by Singapore Airlines is Cost Leadership Strategy ( 2016). Singapore Airlines is the flagship carrier of Singapore; it commenced its business operation from October 1, 1972. It has achieved revenue of more than $12 billion in the financial year 2010. It has the capacity to reach 63 destinations and 34 countries globally. With the innovation of modern technology and superior flights, they are outperforming in the market place with flights like Airbus A320s and Singapore Airlines Cargo. Singapore Airlines generally targets customers of high-income potential and business people by providing them with unpredictable flying experience, they has set new and modern standard of aviation industry and continuously innovating their service facilities by launching and promoting efficient aircraft to their product line ( 2016). The company came into limelight when they first introduce the worlds longest nonstop flight from Singapore to Los Angeles in 2004 and in 2007 launched the largest commercial aircraft Airbus A380. Motivational Theory: The motivational theory was developed by Abraham Maslow identifying the hierarchical needs, which leads to employee motivation. The Maslow Hierarchy Need is divided in five stages such as Physiological Needs, Safety Needs, Love Needs, Esteem Needs and Self Actualization Needs (Maslow 2013). To motivate an employee all the above-mentioned needs are important. The motivational practices addressed by Singapore Airlines are as follows: Direction: Singapore Airlines provides rewards and recognition to their employees to encourage motivation. They often initiate employee excellence and provide rewards and recognition according to their performance and appraisal. Excellence in staff performance is solicited with increased salaries and promotion to job (Zook and Allen 2013). Their main objective is to increase efficiency through rewarding employee on their performance. Rewarding and recognizing an employee leads to the effective way of retaining an employee in the organization. Singapore Airlines follow both extrinsic and intrinsic rewarding system and not always, the reward is monetary. Persistence: Singapore Airlines provides employee loyalty such as implementing the best cabin crew and becoming the best class airlines that will attract more employees to work with the company and provide efficiency in their growth. Singapore Airlines also initiate non-monetary rewarding system in their organization such as giving newsletter to motivate their employees. A reward like The Deputy Chairman Award is given annually to teams or individual those who provide unique customer satisfaction with exceptional services. These rewards have no financial implications but they increase the morale of the employee that leads to motivation (Zetner 2016). Initiation: Singapore Airlines also provide better employee communication strategy to support efficiency in excellence by motivating employees as soon as they join the company. Their primary objective is to make sound relation between manager and employees and sustaining their relationship by defining the company mission and goals. These goals are defined with the help of online communication channel, print materials and arranging meetings. Therefore, employees can address their problems to their managers immediately without wasting their valuable time and manager provide adequate measures to solve their queries. Moreover, this creates a healthy environment in the organization and productivity of the employees increases (Zook and Allen 2013). Management of Singapore Airlines: External Factors: Political: In Singapore, the political environment is generally stable in nature. The dominance of Peoples Action Party (PAP) existing in Singapore since independence. The Singapore government has very low restrictions for industries and given complete freedom to the commercial supremacy in Singapore. Most of the companies take 90% of their decisions on their possession and the government does not interfere much (Heracleous and Wirtz 2012). The government has put lot of pressure in Singapore Airlines to increase their profit and supported the organization for reduction of expenditure during economic catastrophe. Singapore Airlines foreign policy is to maintain sound relationship with various countries. Singapore Airlines has also entered free trade agreement between India, Australia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand and United States of America (Heracleous and Wirtz 2012). Economic: The Financial calamity of 2007 has relentlessly affected countries globally and brought recession to most of the countries. The crisis of this financial situation lasted through 2008 and made it very difficult for the companies to run smoothly. This depression also affected Singapore Airlines as Oil prices were increased to $140.00 per barrel on June 2008. The Singapore tourism board is providing tremendous effort in promoting Singapore Airlines. The Singapore Government has also initiated to host the Formula One Race Contests, which will help in gathering business travelers and enhance the tourism sector (Homsombat et al. 2014). Social and Cultural Factors: Singapore is known as an immigrant country and the culture is diversified intensely. The percentages of non-residing citizens in Singapore are such as 25% of foreigners and 10% permanent resident. Due to globalization and high demand of travel, people nowadays travel more often for work than leisure purposes (Homsombat et al. 2014). Singapore Airlines are committed in providing great service to their customers and a safe flight experience. For example, different cultures of people require diverse range of services that includes types of food served and welcoming language is considered to satisfy different customers accordingly. Singapore Airlines provides most of its knowledge in solving the fears of customers related to terrorism and accidents. After the incident of 2002, when 82 people died in crash at Taipei International Airport, Singapore Airlines altered all engine motor of the Aircraft A380 to retain and gain new and potential customers (Pearson an d Merkert 2014). Technological Factors: The growth of Singapore Airlines is huge and to retain that position changes in technology and modernization is their key to success. Singapore Airlines was the first airlines company to introduce micro system power in the air, which benefited the customer to keep to their working condition in the flight without turning on their laptops. Singapore Airlines also provided their customer the widest seating capacity in economic classes as compared to their competitors that help them in gaining competitive advantage (Ford, Ford and Polin 2014). Beside, in terms of Safety and Security, Singapore Airlines was ranked number one in 2008 and received number of rewards from Singapore Government (Zentner 2016). Environmental Factors: Aviation industries are always under immense pressure of sustaining the environment by reducing the rate of air pollution and noise pollution, which lead to global warming (Smit and Dula 2014). In respect to this Singapore Airlines has planned to spend more than $1.5 trillion on new modern aircraft that will be much greener and cleaner. This new aircrafts will decrease the rate of CO2 emission by approximately 21%. Moreover, they are using fuel-efficient system, training new staffs and sustaining the use of energy. They are not only performing exceptionally in their business but also adding benefits to the communities (Park et al. 2015). Internal Factors: Financial Factors: The Singapore Airlines has a flexible profitability ratio over the years and it has survived the financial catastrophe of 2008. Aviation market dimension is measured with the help of Revenue Passenger Kilometer (RPK) (Smit and Dula 2014). Having it base in Asia pacific region, Singapore Airlines consists of developed aircrafts and low cost operations. Singapore Airlines and its competitors like Cathay Pacific and Qantas has similar market share mentioned in the table below: Carrier RPK ( Revenue Passenger Kilometer) (Million) Singapore Airlines 90,130 Cathay Pacific 90,976 Qantas 99,180 Figure 1: Comparison of RPK Made by Author Marketing Factors: Due to the growth of globalization and implementation of advanced technology, the aviation industry has changed drastically over a decade. Travel agents do the main distribution networks of Singapore Airlines with the help of online booking. With the help of e- ticketing systems passengers are now able to board flights ticketless. Singapore Airlines also established a sound search engine online, such as when consumers search for Singapore Air ticket the name of Singapore Airlines pops up instantly (Smit and Dula 2014). However, the effect of marketing in social media is poor the presence of Singapore Airlines in twitter and facebook is very low despite the company promoting its business over the internet (Thomas et al. 2013). Research and Development: Singapore Airlines has one of the strongest financial backbones in the aviation industry and it is still innovating its flight leisure services and comfort for customer satisfaction. Singapore Airlines also developed and introduce the lie-flat bed in its business class in 2002. The company have also estimated to spend 12,000 million on purchasing new aircrafts over the span of five years and reorganized their cabin crew according to market segmentation and customer preference (Thomas et al. 2013). Organizational Structure: The organizational structure of Singapore Airlines is segregated by functions and it consists of drawbacks in the lower level of staffs. To handle this situation Singapore Airlines has level its organization structure with very few hierarchical levels inside the organization (Williams et al. 2016). This helps in creating autonomous and vibrant business that provides job improvement. The company encourages senior staffs to train the new employees and allow junior employees in decision-making process. The primary objective of Singapore Airlines is to maintain good and healthy working environment within the organization (Sengupta and Sengupta 2014). Elements of Organizational Structure: Complication of the Organization: Singapore Airlines consists of more than 2000 pilots, 170 ground staffs and more than 7000 employees in their cabin crews. The core activities of Singapore Airlines are to create various initiatives towards social welfare and sustainability in environmental protection. The goal of the company is to indulge researching skills in its operations to provide better qualities of services (Sengupta and Sengupta 2014). Centralization of Structure: The main framework of Singapore Airlines is handled by the Singapore Government with the help of Ministry of Finance. However, the government does not involve themselves in the management of the organization. Singapore Airlines has recruited successful presidents that increase the efficiency of the organization (Zook and Allen 2013). Formation of Structure: Formalization is the process through which an organization formalizes in setting up various rules, regulations and limitations on its members. Singapore Airlines does not implements autocratic leadership style but rather focuses on providing low level of regulation that creates a comfortable environment to work for the employees (Zetner 2016). Leadership of Change: Change leadership is a phenomenon by which organizational process move towards change. Change management is undertaken due to both internal and external forces affecting the business operations. The external forces consist of economic, political and technological changes whereas the internal forces include new strategies, low consumer satisfaction and conflict between workers (Goetsch and Davis 2014). Leadership Strategies of Singapore Airlines: The main effectiveness of Singapore Airlines lies in its dual strategy that consists of product differentiation and cost leadership. The differentiation strategy includes high quality of contributions to their customers and important investments in innovation, employee development and branding. The company has successful in implementing dual strategy better than their competitors do. Singapore Airlines has been able to delivered vigorous financial returns over the years and never acquired a loss in its long run. The company also has very less mount of debt in the market and the growth rate is higher than its competitors (Baker 2013). The main strategies of Singapore Airlines consists the following: Providing Service Superiority: The two main property of the company are people and planes. Singapore Airlines always ensures that there flights are always young and fresh. Therefore, they change their fleets on an average of 74 months old, and introduce new planes with more fuel-efficient capacity and less maintenance cost. The service facilities consist of treating employees respectively. In Singapore Airlines, they put a lot of effort in training their employees (Baker 2013). The company generally trains their employees for four long months. Their training procedure consists of several courses such as courses on manner, etiquettes, wine approval and cultural sensitivity. The cabin crews of Singapore Airlines are trained to communicate with different passengers in different ways. It also trained the employees to interact at eye level to its passengers to entertain greater service to the customers and reducing cost by minimizing customer loss. Singapore Airlines provides training kee ping in mind the cost factor and increasing deliverance of huge service to the customers (Ford, Ford and Polin 2014). A Singapore Airlines trainer consists of senior crew members or exterior experts. Singapore Airlines always try to minimize their costs and every decision they take are based on cost consideration. Their primary aim is to decrease waste with no compromising in customer service. Moreover, Singapore Airlines cost related to fuel, labor and fleet depreciation is approximately 29% that is much lower than other airlines companies (Suhartanto and Noor 2012). Innovation: Singapore Airlines is one of the reputable innovator in the aviation industries, they bought huge transformation in the industry. Such as customer entertainment system in all the classes, modern sound system, food menus for business class passengers and one of the widest seating capacities. Singapore Airlines spends 40% on training the employees, 30% on business operations and the rest 30% on innovating new aircrafts and services (Baker 2013). Singapore Airlines Product Innovation Department (PID) provides an extremely structured process that consists of identification of opportunity, evaluation of concepts and development a superior product design. Singapore Airlines also initiated forefront employees, passengers, competitors and the media to create various criticism channels. The company implements the idea that those employees provide direct services to the passengers like ground staffs and cabin crew must encourage in innovating Singapore Airlines (Narasimhalu and Mathur 2015). Technological Leadership: Each year Singapore Airlines carry out high-risk innovation projects. They were the first to launch Airbus A380 that differentiate themselves from their competitors and provided them with a competitive management (Borenstein and Rose 2014). Due to their huge financial support, Singapore Airlines are able to take calculated risks. In the year 1991, it was the first aviation company to introduce services like telephone and fax in the aircrafts. In addition, in 1988, Singapore Airlines designed a website from which passengers can book flights, choose appropriate seats and order meals (Leifer 2013). Standardization: Singapore Airlines services are mostly standardized. Their primary objective is to provide high dimensions of service operations that lead to lowering of cost and safety of the customer. Singapore Airlines focuses on personalizing customer service by gaining information from it CRM system, often address the passengers by their name, know how about their food, and drink (Narasimhalu and Mathur 2015). There are various types of customer needs while travelling such as some may look unwell, others may want to read a book and other must want to charge his/her laptop. Most of the aviation industries do not look seriously on these needs but Singapore Airlines provide get attention to these small services to fulfill customer needs (Leifer 2013). Power Politics: Singapore Airlines has received innumerous support from the Government of Singapore in terms of liaison on Tax, Low Cost Fuel and strong government support. The tax structure of Singapore Airlines is very flexible which provides Singapore Airlines to attain a competitive advantage over its competitors. For example, Delta Airlines is subject to pay 36% corporation Tax, British Airways subject to pay 30% whereas Singapore Airlines in comparison to them only pays 20% corporation Tax. In the aviation industry, government rules and regulations are necessary to be taken into consideration that enables Singapore Airlines to expand their business operations overseas (Narasimhalu and Mathur 2015). Singapore Airlines has withdrawn all its business investment from India due to political unrest. In the aviation industries, it is very important to address the need of airlines freedom. This term can be defined as the rules and regulation that follows while entering into the airspace of other count ries weather to land or not. The agreement is generally discussed at the international level between government and trade meetings (Baker 2013). The power of Singapore Airlines deal with all the core competencies of them that create a competitive advantage. The core competencies of Singapore Airlines consist of providing service excellence with decreasing the amount of cost. These core competencies are generally made by the combination of business strategies with management goals. Singapore Airlines is a exclusive brand as they provide new services to their customers like introducing hot meals, non alcoholic beverages, improved entertainment systems in their flights that enables them to distinguish themselves from other airlines companies and initiate complete customer satisfaction (Leifer 2013). Conclusion: Singapore Airlines is one of the most reputable companies in terms of customer appeal, customer satisfaction and loyalty. The organization has received numbers of rewards and recognition in the society. The main offerings of the organization are customer comforts, facilities to be attentive towards their passengers and individual services within flights. Moreover, it is also a low-priced aviation company than its competitors. For more than two decades, Singapore Airlines has managed to accomplish cost-efficient service superiority in their organization. Singapore Airlines has positioned them as a finest carrier with maximum level of of innovation in their expertise and excellence in providing passengers service. The company has adopted the use of information skills as one of their primary strategies. Singapore Airlines web site is maintained with modern technical facilities and it is user friendly. With the implementation of dual strategy in their leadership it is been observed that Singapore Airlines have gain a competitive advantage over it competitors and the organization is growing significantly with efficiency and innovation. References: Baker, D.M.A., 2013. Service quality and customer satisfaction in the airline industry: A comparison between legacy airlines and low-cost airlines.American Journal of Tourism Research,2(1), pp.67-77. Borenstein, S. and Rose, N.L., 2014. How airline markets work or do they? Regulatory reform in the airline industry. InEconomic Regulation and Its Reform: What Have We Learned?(pp. 63-135). University of Chicago Press. Davahran, D. and Yazdanifard, R., 2014. The Importance of Managing Customer Service, Safety Quality and Benchmarking of Airports and Airlines to Enhance the Performance and Customer Loyalty.Global Journal of Management And Business Research,14(4). Fan, T.P.C. and Lingblad, M., 2016. Thinking through the meteoric rise of Middle-East carriers from Singapore Airlines' vantage point.Journal of Air Transport Management,54, pp.111-122. Flamholtz, E.G., 2012.Human resource accounting: Advances in concepts, methods and applications. Springer Science Business Media. Ford, J.D., Ford, L. and Polin, B., 2014, January. Leadership in the conduct of organizational change: An integrative view. InAcademy of Management Proceedings(Vol. 2014, No. 1, p. 10830). Academy of Management. Goetsch, D.L. and Davis, S.B., 2014.Quality management for organizational excellence. pearson. Heracleous, L. and Wirtz, J., 2012. 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Cheating Your Way Through Exams Best Tricks

Cheating Your Way Through Exams Best Tricks Everyone knows that cheaters never prosper, but that doesn’t stop people from trying. In fact, some students are willing to put in more effort in finding ways to avoid learning than it would ever take them to actually study. Here are some of the more amusing ways that college students have invented to cheat their way through school. The Water Bottle Trick If your exam room has an open food and drink policy, this is one of the more creative options. Simply take the label off of a water bottle the night before your test. You can write your notes and answers on the white portion of the bottle and then stick it back on. Whenever you need an answer, all you have to do is take a drink. Of course, spending most of class gazing longingly at your water bottle may also make you look like a psycho. Beauty School Dropout For women, cheating can be as easy as writing infinitely small words on your fingernails. All you have to do is find a tiny pen or pencil, whittle it down to the size of a human hair, and then write your notes. Okay, so maybe it’s not so easy. Also, if you have the patience and determination to write the Pythagorean Theorum on your nails, maybe you should consider putting all that effort into studying. Hats Off to Cheating Another great way to cheat is to write your notes on the inside brim of a baseball cap. When your head is down looking at your desk, your teacher can’t see that your eyeballs are actually faced up towards the ceiling. But remember: if you don’t normally wear a baseball cap, it will look weird if you start on the day of your test. Also, anyone sitting next to you will be able to see your notes and nark you out. Sitting Pretty If you know where the exam will take place, go ahead of time and write the notes you need on the desk or the chair in front of you. This is a great option if your classroom is left unlocked and there is no chance for passersby to see you modifying the desk like a creeper. Also, you run the risk of the teacher seeing and erasing your hard work before the test even starts. Legstravagant Although this tactic can work for guys, it’s most effective for girls who don’t look weird lifting up their skirts in public. For this creative cheating method, you write the answers on your knees or thighs. Then, when you get stuck, you lift up your skirt to check the answer. While this can be a great method if you have a lot of information to review, this method often captures the attention of both the teachers and the distracted guys sitting next to you. Keeping It Kleenex If acting is your forte, the Kleenex notebook is the way to go. You can write your notes ahead of time on a single sheet of Kleenex and then stuff it in your bag. When you come into class, sniffle, cough, and sneeze your way to an A. Just be careful not to use your Kleenex for real – at least, not unless you want the answers all over your face. Sticky Situation Writing on your hands, legs, or ankles has the unpleasant side effect of not being easily removed when your teacher asks to see them. An alternative is to write your notes on a piece of clear tape and then attach it to your clothing. When you’re done, you can just throw away the evidence. That is, assuming you can still find it. Lasting Impressions If your teacher usually gives out a piece of scratch paper, this trick is perfect for you. The night before, write out your notes on a piece of paper with the blank piece underneath. Although your paper will look blank from far away, you’ll be able to read the impressions easily. But, test it first. Your teacher will get concerned if you’re randomly staring and mumbling at a blank piece of paper. Mirror Glasses Anyone who wears glasses knows that you can catch a reflection in the very upper corners if you try. You can make this even more pronounced by cutting up a small mirror and sticking two little pieces in the corners. But, make sure you sit next to someone who knows the answers. Otherwise you’ve ruined a perfectly good pair of glasses for a â€Å"D†. Cheating isn’t going to make you smarter or more capable in the long run. It can lead to failure and potential expulsion, not to mention the loss of respect of your peers and professors. But, if you truly have nothing left to lose, it can be fun to see what you can get away with! Have you ever cheated? Do you know some funny cheating tricks? How do you feel about cheating in general? Were looking forward to your comments! Feature Image Credit: Oxfordlearning

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Considiring censorship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Considiring censorship - Essay Example Censorship is a wide topic which controls the spreading of harmful materials and public speeches in the society. Topics such as pornography, violence and aggressive speeches which boosts terrorism and fundamentalism are normally censored by most the governments. Though nobody questions the relevance of censorship, in some cases governments utilize this powerful tool for their own interest. However censorship can move beyond the remit of governments and into the hands of those whole control media channels. It is therefore necessary to consider censorship as something which moves beyond simply the remit of protecting people from harm and offence and into the realm of a tool for control. By claiming to protect people from offence, media channels can in fact use censorship to maintain the status quo and censorship can thus be considered a tool of control, not just of protection.One of the definitions of the Oxford English Dictionary for a censor is ‘an official in some countries wh ose duty it is to inspect all books, journals, dramatic pieces, etc., before publication, to secure that they shall contain nothing immoral, heretical, or offensive’. Censorship is often associated with the establishment and those in a position of power which have the power to take decisions over matters of morality and offensiveness. Censorship in this case takes place in order to avoid undue offence, often to minority groups and prevent the diffusion of views which are considered dangerous and corrupting.